Congratulations to all our winners!

Winner of a year’s supply of fresh food:

S.Zito   6065   Western Australia

Winners of fresh fruit boxes:


A. Van Wees 6210 Western Australia
C. McDonald 5013 South Australia
C. Foster 4179 Queensland
D. McMaster 832 Northern Territory
D. Farrugia 4870 Queensland
E. Hill 6935 Western Australia
F. Chen 2170 New South Wales
F. Doolan 2830 New South Wales
F. Groves 2573 New South Wales
F. Nazzari 3175 Victoria
G. Kispeti 2617 Australian Capital Territory
G. Healey 3095 Victoria
H. Meslin 2903 Australian Capital Territory
I. Pellow 3178 Victoria
J. Wightman 3152 Victoria
J. Cavaleri 5034 South Australia
J. Mulholland 4703 Queensland
J. Hawkins 2747 New South Wales
K. Gemmell 2602 Australian Capital Territory
K. Hemming 4209 Queensland
K. Pham 3038 Victoria
K. Lewis 5093 South Australia
L. Stoffels 3180 Victoria
L. Mackenzie 3844 Victoria
L. Laird 4883 Queensland
L. Parker 2261 New South Wales
M. Fernee 4060 Queensland
M. Pavic 6070 Western Australia
N. Bait 6936 Western Australia
P. Breheny 3909 Victoria
R. Marchionna 3047 Victoria
S. Greenwald 3183 Victoria
S. Daniel 2099 New South Wales
S. Kerr 6056 Western Australia
T. Voss 2560 New South Wales
T. Jirgens 2750 New South Wales
T. Mackie 6936 Western Australia
T. Crossley 3033 Victoria
V. Yard 6926 Western Australia
V. Kees 6056 Western Australia
Y. Markowski 2170 New South Wales
Z. Zhang 2220 New South Wales
M. Ouzas 3149 Victoria
K. Mowlam 3754 Victoria
J. Farrow 3280 Victoria
N. Page 4127 Queensland
L. Rousse 5038 South Australia